Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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Sea Kayak Guide Internship


A Coastal Odyssey Sea Kayak Guide Apprentice will be offered an Internship. This position is designed educate aspiring sea kayak guides in all faucets of sea kayak guiding as well as provide them with hands-on guiding experience.  

Coastal Odyssey is a great place to begin your guiding career.

A suitable candidate for a Coastal Odyssey Sea Kayak Guide Apprentice is an individual that is highly motivated to put in the effort required to learn and practice all the skills required of a professional sea kayak guide. This includes learning and mastering sea kayak technical skills, guiding skills and etiquette as well as gaining as much valuable experience guiding as possible. A Sea Kayak Guide Apprentice is a positive, self-starting individual that will contribute in a positive manner to the inspiring working environment at the Coastal Odyssey’s sea kayak center.

Apply today to become a Coastal Odyssey Sea Kayak Guide Apprentice for the summer kayaking season in Norway. In 2014 we have three 12 week internships for guide apprentices that run from May 26ththrough August 17th. 

The cost of a 12 week internship is US$ 12 500. This reflects the value that an apprentice will receive from having a highly qualified guide mentor provide instruction and training in all aspects of sea kayak guiding. A guide apprentice will be taught guiding skills and practices in the field which include technical paddling skills, guiding skills, judgment and decision making skills, guide etiquette and teamwork. A guide apprentice will gain firsthand knowledge of the demands that are required to lead groups of paddlers at sea.

Am I a sea kayak guide apprentice?

A Coastal Odyssey Internship is suited for individuals that are highly motivated to become a sea kayak guide.

Do not apply for an internship if you are not 100% motivated to put in the time and effort required to learn all the skills required of successful sea kayak guides. An apprentice is expected to get out on the water by themselves and practice technical paddling skills every day.

A person considering becoming a Coastal Odyssey Sea Kayak Guide Apprentice should fall into one of the following categories.

1. A student needing work experience to complete their outdoor education degree.

2. An individual wishing to make a career change to the outdoor industry as a guide.

Can’t Afford the Internship fees?
Coastal Odyssey has a program to off-set the price of its 12 week internship. A Sea Kayak Guide Apprentice can apply for a working internship with Coastal Odyssey. This gives a guide apprentice the opportunity of working one rental shift per day at the sea kayak center for the duration of their 12 week internship. This will cover the Internship fees owed by the Guide Apprentice for their internship.

Coastal Odyssey also provides a stipend to those granted a working internship. The stipend goes towards covering your living expenses while working at the sea kayak centre.

In the event that a guide apprentice is granted a working internship they will be expected to provide security to ensure that they in fact will complete the full 12 week internship.

If you are highly motivated to become a sea kayak guide than please send us a covering letter describing your desire to become a sea kayak guide a long with a current résumé and two references. Send these to us via e-mail to
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Coastal Odyssey Internship application deadlines for 2014 are:

 December 01, 2013

February 01, 2014

April 01, 2014

Interviews are scheduled during the first month following each application deadline. It is to your benefit to apply early as we may fill more than one internship position at any of our application deadlines.

Please note: We receive many more applications for internships each year than we have positions to fill. Therefore it is to your advantage to submit your application as soon as possible.

Sea Kayak Guiding is a Profession

Our client’s expect that their guide/s have the necessary training and experience to make the right decisions at all times. It is therefore that we at Coastal Odyssey are committed to the education and the training of sea kayak guides. During the course of an internship, Guide Interns will gain both the knowledge and practical experience required to lead sea kayakers safely and competently. A coastal Odyssey Guide Internship is a great opportunity to gain firsthand insight into the life of a sea kayak guide; working as an Guide Intern is a great introduction to the rigors of a career in the outdoor industry of sea Kayaking and a great way for an individual to start working towards becoming a certified guide.


International Sea Kayak Guide Certification

A Sea Kayak Apprentice is an introduction to the rigors of a career in the outdoors and a great way for an individual to start working towards becoming a certified guide.

Norges Havkajakk guide og Instruktør Forbund (NHKGIF) is a certifying body for sea kayak guides and instructors. Membership to NHKGIF is only granted after an individual as received NHKGIF guides certification and be awarded a guide’s license.

It is not possible to simply purchase a membership in NHKGIF. Payment of course fees for a short guides course is not sufficient enough education for a guide to become a certified guide. A certified guide must have completed all the requirements: courses, exams, and completed an apprenticeship before receiving a guides certificate and membership in the association.

Norway’s Sea Kayak Guide and Instructor Association (NHKGIF) has been continually
developing during the past ten years keeping pace with the ever growing popularity of sea kayaking and especially the ever increasing demands placed on professional sea kayak guides leading and guiding commercial sea kayak trips. 

In 2010 a NHKGIF guides certification has become the certification with the highest and toughest standards attainable for sea kayak guides. To become a NHKGIF certified guide requires a serious investment of training, course work, and a long guide apprenticeship but without these strict guidelines very few guides would voluntarily put themselves through adequate and tough enough guide training. 

NHKGIF Guide Classification
NHKGIF Professional Sea Kayak Guide/Instructor Classification – Guide

To obtain certification as a NHKGIF Guide an individual must complete the 4 steps
of NHKGIF’s educational system, this takes usually between 2-3 years to complete.

Step 1. - Evaluation and admission to NHKGIF guide leadership course

Step 2. - Guide leadership course section 1

Step 3. - Log as a guide apprentice 180 days of commercial sea kayak guiding on class 1-3 seas through an apprenticeship position with a NHKGIF accredited company where a NHKGIF Senior Guide will be appointed as an apprentice supervisor and mentor.

Step 4. - Guide leadership course section 2, guides’ exam, and technical skills evaluation

A NHKGIF certified guide has the following qualifications and conditions:  
  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • Completed steps 1-4 of NHKGIF guide training
  • passed the NHKGIF guide exam and received a written recommendation from their apprentice supervisor and mentor
  • Hold a valid WFR certification with CPR endorsement
  • Have a valid VHF license
  • Passed a level 5 technical skill evaluation
  • Submit updated renewed certifications as necessary to NHKGIF


Coastal Odyssey is Accredited by:

The Norwegian Sea Kayak Guide and Instructor Association